Located in Ghana, the Tafi Abuife Kente Weaving Village is a small village situated southwest of Tafi Atome. Tafi Abuife is famed for its kente weaving tradition, which was inspired by intricate spider webs in the ancient forests of Ghana. Kente is Ghana's most precious cloth, and it is believed that the art of kente weaving started from this village. The fabric features a range of geometric designs, patterns and symbols, which tell the history, culture and social practice of the weavers. The colour of the cloth is influenced by both their symbolic effect and visual effect. Kente is woven on ancient handlooms in strips, which are then sewn together to form a large piece of cloth. Each strip is categorised by the number of weaves used to make it. A single weave takes five hours to complete, while a double and triple takes up to nine hours. Visitors to the area can tour the village, see how kente cloth is made, and have an opportunity to purchase this symbolic cloth.