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About Siya Phambile Expeditions

Siya Phambile is a Zulu term meaning 'going forward together,' and encapsulates the core translation of our business and ethics.

We are a small and passionate African-based company specialising in customised safaris that offer a variety of experiences and travel to different places... Our focus is on giving the opportunity for both first-timers and experienced travellers to appreciate the full majesty of Africa in all its glory, by travelling off the beaten track to unique and less well known areas. From Day City tours, to Weekend Trips, to Month-long Expeditions, we can customise it for you.

​All of which set us apart from our competitors to offer you a special experience that gets full value for your money

Our niche is to always be the Crafter of Customisation and the Bestower of Flexibility in African tours.

An increasing number of clients are viewing our range of tours and trying to join some of them up, by giving desired exclusions and inclusions or, for example,  preferring self-drive for part of the experience and fully guided for the remainder of the safari. We welcome these challenges. Indeed it is our very raison de’ etre.

At the outset, we also want to state that we are proudly LGBTQ-friendly and can reserve tours for such communities exclusively, if preferred.

Terms and Conditions

Siya Phambile Expeditions Terms and Conditions

We quote prices for an entire trip. For full details of what is included, an itinerary will be sent to you.

- In order to secure a trip, our policy is to call for a payment of 30% (thirty percent) of the total cost quoted to clients up front so as to secure our providers of accommodation and related parties.

- The balance owing of 70% (seventy percent) is due 30 (thirty) days before a trip starts

- If the trip is cancelled prior to the agreed start date or balance payment, an administration fee of 10% (ten percent) of the total trip cost quoted will be levied to cover our costs relating to the cancellation of bookings, refunds of deposits, time costs and the like.

- If a trip is cancelled within 30 days before start of trip, or after balance payment, 90% (ninety percent) is levied.

Please note that all calculations regarding refunds will be done based on prices expressed in SA Rand (ZAR) and converted at exchange rates ruling at that time and NOT on the  exchange rate applicable when you made payment.

- You may wish to take out travel insurance to cover any possible shortfall.

Private tours (i.e. tours reserved for ONLY you, and preventing others from joining the expedition) will increase the cost. A surcharge will be levied, where clients wish to reserve a tour for their exclusive use. It is highly personal though, with your own guide, so the extra costs are to compensate for this.

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