10 Days - Highlights of Uganda ~ MelissaX2

About Inspired Journeys

Inspired Journeys was founded by a group of people whom believed in the beauty of a place, deep in the heart of Africa, known today as Virunga National Park in the DRC. Our 'Journey' was 'Inspired' by this majestic & wonderful land, its' people & it's inhabitants - as seen in the Netflix movie 'VIRUNGA'. 


Making it possible for travellers to discover places that were either forgotten after trouble times or previously inaccessible, is what our philosophy is built upon. We believe in Africa, especially what we like to call 'Unconventional Africa', which are the blurry spots on the tourism map. It is our mission to continue to offer our guests experiences that are authentic & exciting, & whenever possible in a way that contributes to the communities & conservation of the areas they visit.

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