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Orchid Safari Club will welcome you in an exceptionally lush lakeshore environment. This elegantly decorated hotel offers a mixture of contemporary and traditional African styles as well a few different room types. Finished to a high standard most of the rooms in the hotel are generous in size and overlook the lake. The "lounge" bar offers a wide choice of special beers, an impressive wine and champagne menu, a coffee bar as well as food and drink available all day - quite unexpected in DRC! Make the most of the outside terrace with a stunning view over the flower-filled gardens of the hotel and over Lake Kivu. The restaurant's menu of traditional French cuisine is accompanied with local dishes as well as various suggestions, which regularly change.

Star attractions in the lodge grounds includ the noisy and gaudy Ross' Turaco, Green-headed Sunbird, the vocal Tropical Boubou, Red-chested Sunbird and stunning East African endemic Grey-capped Warbler.

Facilities: en-suite bathroom with amenities | 24-hr power | bar & restaurant | wifi in guest areas | private access to Lake Kivu