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Hidden in a forest along a river, Emboo River is positioned in the heart of Kenya's Maasai Mara. It is the perfect spot to explore this spectacular ecosystem and spot all its wildlife. There are animals roaming all around the lodge and sometimes even within Emboo River.

Thanks to Emboo River's unique sustainable set up, you can enjoy the beauty of the Maasai Mara and protect it for generations to come.

Let's do things better.
Let's be leaders in sustainability.

At Emboo River you can enjoy a unique experience, including silent safaris in solar powered vehicles, dinner under the stars without a generator humming in the background, delicious meals with organic ingredients prepared on biogas, rain showers overlooking nature and knowing that every drop of water is filtered and reused, and so much more.

Enjoy, unwind, feel inspired and only leave a positive impact behind.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.