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Ugab Terrace Lodge

Ugab Terrace Lodge is set deep in the heart of a rare and untouched mystery situated within Namibia’s famous tourist attractions. The lodge provides a unique African experience with friendly staff and delicious cuisine that will make visitors feel at home. Indulge in the breathtaking view while enjoying a refreshing drink and overwhelming experiences of bathing in a splash pool constructed in the natural rocks at the top of the mountain surrounded by unspoilt valleys and bush.

Book an adventure tour such as a guided walk in nature to experience the lustrous vegetation, a thrill ride on the 15th longest zip line in the world, a nature drive to the historical Vinger klip and much more. Ugab Terrace Lodge's accommodation comprises of 16 chalets set in a semi-circle on the edge of the mountain with a panoramic view over open valleys and the ancient terraces formed by water corrosion millions of years ago. There's also a restaurant and bar overlooking the Rock Vinger and beautiful Ugab Terraces valley.


Standard Twin Room (16 rooms)

Overlooking the Ugab River Valley, the Chalet includes two ¾ beds for two adults per chalet but for minor children we have additional arrangements.

Room Image

Camp Site (3 rooms)

Stand alone camp sites with a BBQ and wash basin. An ablution block with 3 separate bathrooms (Shower, WC & wash basin) and a boiler for warm water. No Power

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Room Image

Twin chalet

16 spacy chalets with two ¾ beds. Chalets are constructed on the edge of the ridge on top of the terrace, each with its own shower (bathroom) and WC (toilet) area separate from each other. 9 chalets facing the east (sunrise) and 7 facing west (sunset). Each chalet has got its own veranda with a panoramic view overlooking the landscape of the historic UGAB VALLEY. A roof fan provide a bit of comfort in the hot summer nights and electricity are provided by battery power. Due to the battery power supply, no air conditioners nor any fridges in the chalets are installed. The use of hair driers are prohibited, but smaller electrical appliances (eg. cameras, cell phones, etc.) can be charged within the chalets.

Please visit the webpage (www.ugabterracelodge.com) for more detailed information with regards to activities, rates, etc.