Dynamic Online Tools for the Travel Trade

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  • Empower your sales channel
  • Engage your potential clients
  • Increase your enquiries
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Simplify your content management
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The Wetu Concept

The Wetu Content System is an online solution for the management and distribution of tourism sales and marketing content. The Wetu System is made up of an open content system and digital versions of the paper sales tools of the tourism industry – Maps, Itineraries, Brochures and Catalogues – all of which enables rich, emotive content to pass through the industry and get into the sale in an engaging and interactive manner.

The Wetu System is "in the cloud" all you need to do is login - no installation, no updating, just sign up and see the benefits.

The Future of the Tourism Industry

The Internet has had a huge influence on the tourism industry, changing the way travellers research, select and purchase their holidays. Change creates both threats and opportunities, new online players alter the game and traditional industries battles to adapt. The Internet will continue to change the tourism industry and tourism businesses have no choice but to move with it.

Wetu's cutting edge technology has been designed for and built for the tourism industry and can be easily integrated into various aspects of travel businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively online.

Content Sells - so get it into the Sale

Content plays a critical role in travel decisions – modern shoppers want to research and verify prior to purchasing. Traditional industry channels do not provide sufficient, contemporary content to enable decision-making and so the purchasers are forced onto competing platforms.

The Wetu tools enable product content to flow through the tourism industry channels into the sale, empowering the purchaser and the industry.

Provide an Interactive Experience

Internet users are demanding, if you are unable to hold their attention they leave. In the highly competitive online travel environment it is crucial to keep viewers engaged, the longer a potential client stays on your platform the greater the chance of an enquiry or booking.

Wetu's interactive tools and content provide the necessary depth and interactivity to hold a potential client’s attention, improving the chance of an enquiry or booking.